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  • The Orange County Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that serves to promote business,

    enhance economic and community development, and serve as a catalyst

    for improving the overall quality of life in the community and region. 

  • The Orange County Chamber of Commerce appreciates the support and commitment of our Annual Sponsors.


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  • Here is your chance to network with members of Louisa, Greene and Fluvanna Chambers! Here is your chance to network with members of Louisa, Greene and Fluvanna Chambers!

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    Amid this historic significance, Orange continues to be a place where commerce and the power of human ingenuity work not only alongside but in the context of our great national heritage.

    The Orange County Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1924 to advance the civic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural interests of the County of Orange, Virginia.

    Today, we continue to promote the general welfare of our citizens and the prosperity of our County by developing a mutually beneficial network of local businesses and stimulating public support for our business community.

    Whether you're new to our community, 'born-and-raised,' or simply passing through, we hope that you'll appreciate Orange County for what it offers and continue to support our local economy.