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September Business of the Month, SkyDive Orange


Skydive Orange is Virginia's premier Skydiving facility, in operation for over 40 years, striving to change lives every single day. SkyDive Orange is the only place around that lets you experience Orange from 13,500 feet – definitely a different view of our community!

They are actively involved in the community and the Chamber, always working to encourage tourism and supporting other local businesses. Congratulations!


Welcome to Skydive Orange! Our club-operated dropzone has been in continuous operation since 1977 making us one of the most established skydiving centers in the country. We recognize that choosing a skydiving center that is right for you is an important and sometimes difficult decision to make. So why should you choose Skydive Orange? Check out the list below to learn more about Skydive Orange and what makes us different.


At Skydive Orange, your safety is always our number one priority. To ensure our guests have a safe and fun skydiving experience, we use the best equipment available. Our Vector Sigma tandem rigs and AFF student program equipment is updated regularly and maintained by local FAA certified riggers. We are a USPA member dropzone and as such follow the USPA’s safety recommendations and training standards.

13,500′ HIGH JUMPS

Why is altitude important? A higher jump altitude means you get to spend more time in freefall. Many skydiving centers advertise jump altitudes of “up to 12,000 feet” which means you might jump from that altitude or you might jump from a much lower altitude depending on how busy they are. At Skydive Orange, our tandem skydiving students always jump from 13,500 feet (weather permitting) and we even provide students with an altimeter so they can actually see the altitude from which they are jumping.


To digitally record your skydiving memories, a talented videographer using high-quality equipment (not just a wrist mounted camera) will fly in front of you capturing your exit from the plane and freefall. The resulting video and/or photos capture your experience from a perspective that makes it great to share with your friends and family.


We teach students how to skydive using the most comprehensive program in the sport. The ISP curriculum was developed right here at Skydive Orange and is the AFF training method recommended by the USPA.


We have a staff of experienced tandem and AFF instructors who have been at Skydive Orange for many years and continue to stay current with today’s training methods. Since we have very little turnover, the instructors here will be familiar with your progression through the program.


We have a full-time pilot and airplane. Weather permitting, we fly to 13,500 feet (2-1/2 miles) above ground level so you get the maximum amount of freefall time. Compare this to other dropzones that fly Cessna aircraft which achieve less than 11,000 feet of altitude. With our larger plane, we can often accommodate small groups flying on the same load together. This way you can share the experience and perhaps watch your friends jump out of our Twin Otter jump plane before you.


At some dropzones, once you have your “A” license skydiving certification you’re on your own. Here at Orange we promote continued learning.

  • We have organizers to help teach both belly flying and free flying on weekends and arrange larger events and outside specialists on a regular basis.

  • We have instructors and coaches who arrange skills camps and events at iFly Loudoun, iFly VA Beach and Paraclete XP wind tunnels for student progression and advanced skills development.

  • DC Wingsuit school operates out of our facility and provides instruction for experienced skydivers. Trained windsuit pilots are invited to join our Skydive Orange flock!

  • We host cutting-edge, advanced freefall and canopy flying competitions as well as instruction ratings certification courses for various coaching and skydiving disciplines.


In addition to having a great skydiving experience, our visitors have the opportunity to explore beautiful and historic Orange County, VA. There are so many fun things to do in the surrounding area, it’s definitely worth making a weekend out your skydiving adventure. Activities include hiking in the nearby Shenandoah Valley, touring local wineries, exploring Civil War battlefields, and even visiting James Madison’s home, Montpelier, located just outside the city of Orange, VA. Visit our Local page for more information on places to stay, play and eat near Skydive Orange.


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