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January 2022 Member of the Month, The Orange County Humane Society of Virginia

Pictured - William Smith Board of Directors President

The Orange County Humane Society of VA (OCHSVA) was started in 1958 by 4 ladies that wanted to reduce cruelty and suffering of animals in Orange County. After 64 years their mission continues to guide our organization today. OCHSVA has four programs: Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return; Pets in Place; Voicemail Help Line and providing Pet Food to those in need.

Seven years ago Andi Burman, a board member and passionate animal lover, passed away and provided an endowment so we would continue her work of caring for feral and homeless cats. In 6 years the Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return program has sterilized, vaccinated and released thousands of community cats.

The Pets in Place program provides veterinary care assistance for low income citizens so they do not have to relinquish ownership of their dog or cat due to the cost of health care.

Our Voicemail Help Line provides a resource for citizens to find answers to animal questions and/or request help for their dog or cat. We do not provide medical advice but can direct you to a helpful Veterinarian that can.

Email: or call: 540 672 0069.

OCHSVA supports the Wilderness Food Bank with Pet Food. We provide low income citizens with dog and cat food and litter. For colonies of community cats that have gone through the TNVR program, we provide food to keep the colonies fed.

Like us on Facebook at “Orange County Humane Society VA”. Have a little free time, call us about being a Volunteer, 540 672 0069. Donations are vital to our ability to continue to help the animals of Orange County. Please donate through Paypal or mail a check to OCHSVA , PO Box 852, Locust Grove, VA 22508. It may be tax deductible, we are a S01Oc(3) charity.

Orange County Humane Society

Monday-Friday (8:00-5:00)

PO Box 852

Locust Grove, VA 22508


Adoption Hours:

Orange County Animal Shelter (540-672-1124)

11362 Porter Rd

Orange VA 22960

Tuesday~Wednesday~Friday and Saturday (10:00-6:00)

To report a stray dog or to report issues of neglect or abuse

Please call Orange County Animal Control



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